Every house is unique and so is the way you heat or cool each room. Envirosafe can help you decide the best choice for your home and budget.

Our specialist installers are experienced in designing a system that suits your home and your lifestyle and can tailor a solution to suit you. Envirosafe use the best equipment on the market.  We are not tied to any one brand, so can always find you the best performing and priced solution for your home.

Key considerations

Energy Efficiency
At Envirosafe we realise heating and cooling can have a big impact on your energy bills, so we’re select heat pumps which are more energy efficient.  All heat pumps incorporate advanced inverter technology for more efficient operation and enhanced in-home comfort compared to conventional heating or cooling.

Quiet Operation
Temperature isn’t the only factor to consider when heating or cooling your home; ambient noise should also be taken into account.  All our heat pumps are designed for quiet operation.  Some models also include a 'Night Quiet' mode, helping both you and your neighbours sleep more comfortably.

We stand by the products we install.  We select Heat pumps with the best warranty and back our installation so you can proceed with the confidence of knowing you have many years of worry-free comfort ahead. 

Quality Service
Envirosafe’s dedicated service team provide phone support for all technical queries, and maintain a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories.  So in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can expect prompt, professional support to get you up and running again quickly and easily.